Online books

  1. Ponce Campuzano, J. C. (2021). Análisis Complejo: Una introducción visual e interactiva. [Complex Analysis: A visual and interactive introduction] Publisher: Author, ISBN: 978-0-6485736-2-3.
  2. Maldonado Aguilar, M. Á. & Ponce Campuzano, J. C. (2021). Invitación a la Topología General. [Intivitation to General Topology] Publisher: Juan Carlos Ponce Campuzano, ISBN: 978-0-6485736-3-0.
  3. Ponce Campuzano, J. C. (2019). Complex Analysis: A Visual and Interactive IntroductionPublisher: Author. ISBN: 978-0-6485736-0-9.
  1. ABC of Mathematics: An interactive experience. (2018). Publisher: Australian eBook Publisher ISBN: 978-1-925764-73-4.
  2. Dynamic Simulations to Study Topics in Mathematics and Physics designed with GeoGebra and p5.js. (2018). Publisher: Author.
  3. A geometrical approach to the concepts of speed and acceleration. In collaboration with Rice, J., & Matthews, K. Publisher: Authors.
  4. Complex Analysis: Problems with solutions. (2016). Publisher: Author ISBN: 978-0-6485736-1-6.
  5. Mathematical Foundations. (2015). Publisher: Author.
    1. Espinosa, H., Ponce Campuzano, J. C. & Reyes, A. (2011). Matemáticas 1. Serie Encuentro [Mathematics 1. Encounter Series]. 2nd ed. México: SM de Ediciones. ISBN: 978-607-471-874-4.

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